The Best Times To Post On Social Media: A Guide For Maximum Engagement

The Best Times To Post On Social Media

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You may have wondered while posting on social media – “Is timing really that important?” 

Oh, but absolutely. 

Knowing the best times to post on social media sites can improve your reach and engagement. But with numerous channels, how do you determine the best times to post on social media?

Let us show you the sweet spot!

The Best Times To Post On Social Media: A Guide For Maximum Engagement - A clock, calendar pen, clip and paper on a pink background

Read on to find out not only best times to post on social media – as well as the worst times to post!

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What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media?

When it comes to posting strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. That is why it’s important to know that different platforms have different peak times to maximize your reach.

I know it is hard to know on different platforms, but do not worry—we have got your back!

Let’s break down the best and worst times to post on each platform to help you achieve the best results with your social media presence.

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As of now, Facebook is still one of the most flexible and most-used platform, which is why it is great for building a community and with most consistent engagement.

Target Audience: Facebook has online users of all ages (between 25 and 54 years old) and is appropriate for B2C companies seeking to interact with a broad audience. It is the best platform for you if you want to reach adults.

Best TimeWorst Time
Weekday mornings to early afternoon hours (9 AM to 1 PM) are the best times, especially midweek mornings because most Facebook users check during work breaks and lunch hours.The lowest engagement occurs in the early mornings and late evenings (before 7 AM and after 8 PM), making these the worst time slots to post because users are likely to be occupied with personal activities.

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Instagram is perfect for showcasing products (especially for aesthetic looks). Younger people like it, and it works great for advertising featuring celebrities and influencers.

Target Audience: Younger-looking people (like us!) and younger people, especially those between the ages of 18 and 34, use it a lot. It works great for brands in fashion, beauty, travel, and everyday life.

Best TimeWorst Time
Users are most active during lunch breaks so posting on Instagram posts, stories, and feeds during late morning to early afternoon hours (11 AM to 2 PM) has the maximum engagement, with the early evening around 7 PM being a great time as well.Late night hours (after 9 PM) and very early mornings (before 6 AM) tend to have the lowest engagement rates.

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X (Formerly Known as Twitter)

X, previously known as Twitter, is recognized for its immediate content and interactive style. It is a great tool for participating in public discussions and spreading current news.

Target Audience: Although X’s user base is wide, it usually works best with people between the ages of 18 and 49. It is better for businesses that need to connect and update their content often, like tech companies, media companies, and brands that focus on potential customers.

Best TimeWorst Time
Early morning to late morning (8 AM to 10 AM) are peak hours for tweets, as users check updates before starting their day. Midweek mornings are most effective times.Late night hours (after 10 PM) see significantly less activity, making it the least ideal time frame for engagement.

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LinkedIn content is usually for professionals to connect, mostly for business and job-related reasons. It is professional growth, networking, career development, and showing off your expertise in an area like mine (Funnel Builder).

Target Audience: The majority of your audience are professionals, job seekers, and business leaders, usually between the ages of 30 and 64. B2B companies and sectors like finance, technology, marketing, and professional services benefit the most.

Best TimeWorst Time
General business hours, especially early to mid-morning (8 AM to 10 AM) on weekdays because professionals check LinkedIn before work and after work hours.Nights (after 8 PM) and weekends are the worst times, as LinkedIn users are less active outside of general business hours.

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TikTok is a rapidly expanding platform famous for its brief; it provides a distinctive platform for expressing creativity and sharing viral social media content

Target Audience: It is perfect for brands trying to attract Generation Z and young Millennials, commonly between the ages of 16 and 24.

Best TimeWorst Time
Early evening (7 PM to 9 PM) is the best time for TikTok because users engage with TikTok before and after work/school is their free time.Early mornings (before 7 AM) see the least activity, and evening and nighttime usage.

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YouTube offers a lot of different kinds of content, such as tutorials (my favorite), entertainment, educational, vlogs, music videos, live streams, and more.

Target Audience: YouTube attracts a wide range of users, spanning all age categories. Younger viewers, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 34, favor it especially.

Best TimeWorst Time
For YouTube videos, posting in the early afternoon hours (2 PM to 4 PM) has the highest engagement, which allows the users to be more likely to watch videos during lunch breaks and afternoons.Very early mornings (before 9 AM) are less optimal, as engagement typically builds throughout the day.

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Pinterest is a platform where you can find, save, and share pictures and videos that will inspire you with different projects and interests.

Target Audience: Pinterest consists mainly of women, including a considerable portion aged 25-54. It works especially well for companies in the fashion, home decor, DIY, food (a lot of must-try recipes), and beauty sectors.

Best TimeWorst Time
Weekend mornings to early afternoon hours (8 AM to 2 PM) and late night on weekends (8 PM – 11 PM). Users are likely to browse Pinterest for ideas during their leisure time.During work hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) users are typically busy with work-related tasks and less likely to spend time on Pinterest.

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Each platform has its unique user behavior, depending on your audience’s demographics and engagement patterns. Posting during high engagement periods increases the likelihood of your content being seen and interacted with. Avoiding low engagement times ensures that your content doesn’t get lost when users are not active.

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Is it Important to Analyze Your Target Audience?

Definitely! Because you need to know your target audience before you can determine the best times to post on social media. It is easy to figure out the best times to post on social media by looking at the categories and time zones of your audience. You would like to know what time they engage on Facebook posts and videos.

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Demographics and Time Zones

Your target audience’s demographics and time zones can help you determine the best time to post on social media


  • Age: Different age groups are active at different times. Teens might be online late at night, while professionals check social media during lunch breaks and after work.
  • Gender: Some platforms have more users of one gender. For example, Pinterest has more female users, which might affect the best posting times.
  • Interests and Jobs: Knowing what your audience likes and their jobs helps predict when they’ll be online. For example, business professionals on LinkedIn are active during work hours.

Time Zones

  • Global Audience: If your audience is spread across the globe, it is important to schedule posts during peak waking hours. Posting in the late afternoon EST can reach audiences in both America and Europe, as an example.
  • Local Audience: If your audience is mostly in one area, post according to their local time. For instance, make your posts during lunchtime or in the early evening, when most individuals are probably active on social.

For example, if your target audience consists of employed individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 in North America, then based on the best times to post on social media it is recommended to share content during lunch breaks (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM) and post-work hours (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM) in Eastern Standard Time.

There are many social media analytics tools helps you identify the time zones of your target audience. There is also a Facebook Insights which offers information about where your audience is located and the times they are most engaged.

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Create A Content Calendar To Plan The Best Times To Post On Social Media

Having a content calendar for your online business can make a big difference in how well your social media marketing strategy efforts pay off. Why?

Let’s say you run a fitness brand. Since you have a content calendar, you can plan and posting schedule motivational posts every Monday morning, provide workout tips every Wednesday, and share healthy recipes every Friday.

This way, you can keep up with regular content, which keeps your audience interested in your brand and makes them look forward to new posts. You could even make your social media success.

Here’s a simpler explanation of how it helps, along with some key points for each section:

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Scheduling and Frequency

The Best Times To Post On Social Media - A sample weekly content plan for Instagram posts with scheduled times, photos, and captions.

Image Source


  • Regular Posting: Keeps your audience engaged and brand awareness.
  • Routine: Helps your audience know when to expect new content.

Audience Engagement

  • Specific Times to Post: Increases chances of your audience seeing and interacting with your posts.
  • Time Zones: Ensures posts reach people in different regions effectively.

Resource Management

  • Planning: Helps organize resources like designers and writers.
  • Stress Reduction: Prevents last-minute rushes and reduces team stress.

Content Type and Timing

A series of promotional social media images offering marketing advice and showcasing client earnings.

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  • Mix of Content: Ensures a good balance of videos, blogs, infographics, etc., to keep things interesting.
  • Relevance: Matches content with what your audience likes and current trends.

Optimal Timing

  • Analyze Best Times: Find the perfect time to post different types of content.
  • Seasonal Posts: Plans posts around holidays and events for more relevance.

Performance Tracking

  • Analytics: Use social media management tools to see how well posts are doing to improve future content.
  • Feedback: Adjust the schedule based on what your audience likes and engages with.

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Measuring Success And Engagement

To see how your social media plan is working, you should keep an eye on engagement metrics and look at the data. By doing this, you can find out which successful posts work best and find out more about what your target audience is interested in.

Engagement Metrics and Analysis

One important way to tell how well your content is connecting with your target audience is through engagement analytics. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the days with the highest social media with higher engagement, according to Hootsuite. To find the best times to post on social media for your particular audience, it helps to keep an eye on your engagement rates.

 A website interface advertising social media analytics tools with various charts and options for a free trial.

You can use social platforms analytics platforms like:

Hootsuite Insights: Offers detailed analytics and allows you to schedule posts for optimal times. Provides insights into your audience’s activity and engagement patterns.
Buffer: Analyzes your past posts to suggest the best times to share content. Features like Buffer Analyze give in-depth reports on performance and audience behavior.
Sprout Social: Delivers reports on when your audience is most active. Includes features like ViralPost, which suggests optimal posting times based on engagement trends.
Later: Focuses on visual content platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Provides a “Best Time to Post” feature based on your account’s data.
SocialBee: Offers detailed scheduling options and analytics. It helps identify the best times to post on social media based on engagement metrics.

You may get data from these tools on the best times to post on social media, the posts that have the most engagement, and the engagement rates. This data allows you to identify trends, so you can adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

Additionally, you might want to concentrate more on video content in your future social media plan if you find that all of your best-performing posts are videos. Likewise, you might want to increase the number of posts that ask questions or conduct surveys if you see that your audience responds better to these kinds of content.

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Wrapping Up

It’s pretty clear by now that timing is key to getting those likes, comments, and shares. Each social network has its own “busy hours.” 

But here’s the thing: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The overall best time depends on who you’re trying to reach. Paying attention to when your audience is most active and then posting during those times can really pay off.

So, keep experimenting with different times until you find what works best for your social media presence. 

Keep in mind that your type of content is influential when it reaches the best times to post on social media and location. Here’s to discovering that perfect balance, ensuring each post is impactful, and above all, engaging with your audience in the most significant manner.

Happy posting, and may your engagement soar higher with each perfectly timed share!

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