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My Story

The Freelancing Journey.

Heya! I’m Kristy.

So you must be wondering who I am and where the heck I popped out from. I am a funnel builder (in other words I’m also what they call a digital marketing strategist) and blogger.

I was (and still am) a registered pharmacist. Dispensing was my job, and +counseling (and chatting) was my jam.

I worked 50-60 hour weeks and hardly saw my kids. In 2020, I started taking up courses on funnel designing and funnel building on the side.

Like most service providers, I went through periods of feast and famine, but I continued to take up courses on designing and improving my skills until a point where my designs spoke for themselves, and instead of me reaching out to clients, they started reaching out to me.

Fast forward one year later in 2021, I was able to leave my full-time high paying job as a pharmacist, and join multiple high ticket ($2,500 onwards monthly) masterminds and programs with amazing entrepreneurs around the world. I also hosted a successful summit interviewing work from home mothers who have found much success online.


My Achievements

I started making over $8,000 monthly mid 2022, and in November 2022, hit my first $10,000 USD month.

From then on, there was no looking back.

I did $16,000 in January of 2023, and have maintained an average of $10,000 to $16,000 monthly after.

My income mainly comes from funnel building projects, though I am now branching out to helping other stay at home as well as working mothers learn this amazing skillset via my course, the Side Gig Accelerator.

I was able to change my old car, buy a new home, and moved my kids to a better school. I make more than I spend, and as such easily accumulate savings every single month.

My goals? To continue to grow this blog so it reaches thousands of mommies around the world, helping them know that making money online as a freelancer is completely possible and that they, too, can be successful.

I want to keep churning out beautiful designs as a funnel builder at the same time.

And finally, I want to produce amazing students who in their turn, will take over the funnel building industry with their gorgeous and converting builds.

Here are just some of the income I’ve gotten in 2023 at a glance. It is September 30th, 2023 at the time of posting.

work from home income
work from home income
So What Was It Like Working From Home?

In the beginning, it involved a lot of sleepless nights, fear about the future, uncertainty, and tons of the Imposter Syndrome.

It also involved the realization that just because I was home, doesn’t mean I was a more present parent than I was during my full-time job as a pharmacist.

This was simply because I was so caught up with trying to overdeliver and landing new clients that I left my kids to their own devices, much as I had left them to their own devices at the babysitter’s when I had been working full time.

It also meant instead of 50-60 hours at work, I was now clocking 50-60 hours (or more) in front of the computer at home.

Fast forward a few years later, I work half the hours (20-30 a week), make 4-5x my salary as a pharmacist monthly, and my kids are sick of seeing my face in the house (kidding!). 

It has been a crazy journey, and I hope it stays that way for years to come.

Is It Possible To Work From Home As A Carer or Parent?


I realized that I loved writing, and started taking up courses on writing and blogging. I write for several huge publications on Medium, and make sure I put out a blog post at least once weekly.

Most of my weekdays (6 hours daily) are dedicated to funnel building and continuously learning about design and tech. I created a course to help aspiring freelancers learn about funnel designing as well, and this course (initially selling for below $50) has now been revamped, added onto, and has also been featured in portals such as those listed below; including but limited to:

  • MarketWatch
  • Apple News
  • Digital Journal
  • KTVN
  • Philadephia Chronicle

I’ve been where you are today… seemingly aimless, not sure what to focus on, and regretting leaving your full-time job.

What Is The Side Gig Accelerator?

The Side Gig Accelerator is a comprehensive, step by step program designed to take completely new (and seasoned) freelancers through the world of funnel building.

It teaches you the foundations of design and how to create beautiful funnels.

It shows you how to land clients and have them coming back on repeat, and how to charge so you never undervalue yourself.

It helps you to learn a new skill that will be in demand for decades to come as more and more businesses worldwide go online and require funnels. It gives you an opportunity to create a long-term, sustainable income from the comfort of your home, without having to clock in crazy hours or go through traffic to get to work.

It only requires a few hours a day, and works even if you don’t know what a computer is. 

Age isn’t a factor – anyone can learn this. You can be speaking any language – and you can still land clients successfully.

In short, it is a course created with heart by someone who learnt everything from scratch, and prepared a shortcut for you.

It also comes with direct support from me and access to me and my team via WhatsApp, so you never feel alone.

Check out my constant requests to build funnels for clients – you put out great work, and they’ll come back because they trust you and your work. And that’s exactly what I teach my students.

work from home
If This Is You, You’re At The Right Place.

You left your job with high hopes, and now feel insecure because you’re finding out that getting a consistent income online isn’t as easy as it looks.

You feel even though you left your job seemingly for your kids, you aren’t being the best mother because you’re not fully present for them despite being physically there.

Sometimes you regret leaving your job.

You feel aimless at home and binge-watch Netflix to spend the time and feeling bad because you’re not actively making money (the way you did when you were a corporate hotshot).

You worry you may not be able to afford to send your kids to activities they are used to going to, because you’re not making consistent money, no matter how many times you’ve applied for jobs and written endless resumes.

At this age, you feel burdened with the responsibility of having to care for your kids and still make good money. You suffer from ‘ageism’ – I started this too late. I’m too old. Maybe I can’t do this.

And This Is What You Want.

You want a work-from-home job that earns you more than you used to – so you get the security of a stable income and need not go back to your old job.

At the same time, you hope for something that you’ll like, which will give you flexibility and also fulfillment, something you will enjoy doing.

And lastly, you just want to be confident and feel good about yourself again.

I Can Help You.

I train international companies from Spain to the US, teaching their teams how to revamp their sites and funnels to convert and make money.

I am an Inner Circle coach for Freedom Funnels, a 7-figure agency that has hundreds of students worldwide, teaching them how to build funnels.

I try my best to offer unbiased advice that’s steeped in research and colored with insights from relevant experts. I am transparent with my earnings and what I do. I may have found stability and I know for sure I can help you do it too, but rest assured I am not simply dictating from a higher level, but that I am still actively providing service and will know exactly what you’re going through and how you feel – as a service provider, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a freelancer.

If you feel you want to learn funnel designing and funnel building like me – I’ve got a whole course laid out for you – A to Z, nothing left out. But if not, no sweat – stay tuned for my next blog post update about the life of a freelancer that wants to make money, still stay dedicated as a health professional, AND ensure her children know that she actually exists within them (sometimes I feel invisible next to Roblox). Bet you’re nodding your head!

Thanks for dropping by. Let’s be friends! Write to me at [email protected] or give me a shoutout on Instagram – and we can connect there!