11 Best Work From Home Courses To Take 2022

Best Work From Home Courses For Beginners

You’re here, either because:

1. You’re looking to earn money online, or

2. You want to find an online freelancing job, or

3. You want to work from home.

Most beginners do not know where to start, nor do they know if the skills they have are enough to get them hired; or if they need to pick up new skills – and if so, what? The answer: Take work from home courses to get that added advantage!

Check out the 11 best work-from-home courses to take and get yourself a remote-based job in 2022!

Online Courses And If They’re For You

What Online Courses Are

Online courses are sets of modules and instructions that are delivered to the user via an online platform, allowing users and students to go through at their own pace and understanding.

Online courses may be short, long, comprehensive or simple, depending on the user’s level of experience and requirements. They may be free or paid. It goes without saying that free courses will not be as detailed or as comprehensive as paid ones. Paid courses usually provide a certain level of support as well, in case the students have questions or uncertainties.

Are Online Courses Necessary To Get An Online Job?

If you’re a beginner looking to land a job online so that you can start working from home or become a freelancer, or if you’re currently unemployed and just want to pick up a new skill – fast, then yes, online courses will help shorten your trial and error journey and get you hired much faster.

Some online courses also come with certifications which you can include inside your resume so your portfolio looks that much better and more impressive.

11 Best Work From Home Courses To Get Hired Online As A Freelancer Or Land A Work From Home Job

Free Online Courses To Work From Home And Earn Money

  1. Start A Blog Course

    Price: Free (7 Days – One lesson per day via email)
    Course outline:
    – Domain and Hosting
    – WordPress Walkthrough
    – Plugins
    – Creating Blog Posts

    Starting your own blog is a great way to make money. You can either make money via affiliate links, or you can start writing blogs for other people. The demand for freelance writers and bloggers is on the rise.

    However, building and establishing your own blog can be daunting and time-consuming, hence a better way will be to learn how to blog and offer this service to multiple companies who are looking to hire bloggers to write for their sites. You’ll be able to make money AND build your own site at the same time.

    Start A Blog Course is a great (and free) way to learn how to put a blog together and also get familiar with one of the world’s largest blogging platforms, WordPress. This free course walks you through the interface, the functions, necessary plugins you can use to enhance your writing, and lots more! Carly Campbell is a multiple 6 figure blogger who helps those looking to work from home start and monetize their own blogs.

  2. Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

    Price: Free (90 Minutes)
    Course outline:
    – The Value of Meta 
    – Establishing Platform Presence
    – Advertising Fundamentals
    – Creating and Managing Ads
    – Reporting and Stats

    This is a course by Facebook that teaches you the basics of Facebook Marketing and Advertising. Why this course? Because once you know how to run Facebook Ads and are certified, it will be incredibly easy to be hired by business owners and small businesses to run their ads on Facebook. You may even end up working for Facebook itself.

    According to Facebook, the ideal candidates for this certification are entry-level marketers, including students and job seekers. There will also be an exam at the end before you can obtain your certification. Imagine getting a certification from Facebook from the get-go! That’s a great way to start your online journey to freelancing and learn new skills for free!

    If you’re wondering which one to take – wonder no more – take both. They’re free, they’re both imminently useful, and equally important in the online sphere.

  3. Hubspot Content Marketing Course

    Price: Free (6 hours)
    Course outline:
    – The Power of Storytelling
    – Building A Content Creation Framework
    – Planning A Long Term Content Strategy
    – Generating Content Ideas
    – Creating Quality Blog Content Your Audience Loves To Read And Share
    – How HubSpot Uses Blogging To Rank #1 On Google
    – Extending The Value Of Your Content Through Repurposing
    – Creating Topic Clusters And Pillar Pages
    – How To Create A Successful Video Marketing Strategy
    – Building A Guest Blogging Strategy Powered By SEO
    – How To Effectively Promote Content
    – Measuring And Analyzing Your Content

    This free course gives you an overview of how you can become an effective content marketer.
    In case you’re wondering, content marketers are people who churn out content for businesses and business owners – whether it’s a blog post, a social media post, a reel, a story, a YouTube video, or a Twitter tweet.

    With the ability to know what your employer wants to sell and who he or she is targeting, you’d be able to come up with amazing and attractive content that will gain your employer more leads and sales.

    In case you’re also wondering, HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service platform that helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads and close & retain customers. There is no one better to teach you about content marketing – for free.

  4. Google Analytics For Beginners

    Price: Free
    Course outline:
    – Introducing Google Analytics
    – The Google Analytics Interface
    – Basic Reports
    – Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

    Google Analytics for Beginners shows new users how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. This course will also teach you to navigate its interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts. You’ll learn how to analyze Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior Reports.You’ll learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts. The course will also demonstrate how to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

Best Online Courses To Get A Job And Earn Money Online

These are courses, in my humble opinion, that have really helped catapult me into $6-7k months as a rookie freelancer. I am a course junkie and have taken many, many courses – and have learned one thing – the most expensive is not necessarily the best. These 2 courses listed here give way more support and clarity in their Facebook groups (and via email) compared to other 5 digit courses I’ve paid for.

  1. Fulltime Funnel Designer

    Price: $797
    Duration: May take weeks – it is super comprehensive
    Course outline:
    – Funnel Foundations
    – Secrets To Pitching And Landing Clients
    – Designing Skills
    – Canva Mastery
    – Figma Mastery
    – Copywriting and Sales Message Mastery
    – CSS Hacks
    – Automations and Integrations
    – Plug and Play Templates
    – Video Editing Mastery
    – Starting Your Own Agency
    – and lots more

    Gusten Sun is one of the best funnel designers and builders in the market. He works specifically with Clickfunnels (a funnel-building platform) – therefore this course will require you to have an account with Clickfunnels. What he teaches – is not just funnel designing or building, but everything that comes with it – copywriting, CSS coding, the different types of funnels for different types of businesses (so you don’t approach your clients half-baked), and he shows up weekly in his Facebook group to audit, give feedback and teach you how to land clients.

    He really cares, and that makes a huge difference.

  2. Love Your List

    Price: $777 (may have increased)
    Duration: May take weeks, as it’s also super, duper comprehensive
    Course outline:
    – List Resurrection Series
    – Authority Building Welcome Series
    – Breakup Series
    – Last Chance Emails
    – 25 Pre Written Newsletter Templates
    – 222 Subject Line Ideas
    – Email Marketing Trello Board
    – Guest Expert Trainings (Streamed in Facebook group and recorded)
    – Extra mini-courses and bonuses

    Love Your List is the most comprehensive email marketing course I’ve come across.

    Better yet, she is extremely detailed in every video, and she covers ways to not only write emails, but to grow your list – which is what every entrepreneur wants. Kate Doster herself is extremely down to earth, funny, and committed to her students’ success. The way she answers your questions on her weekly lives is like no other. She can take up to 30 minutes (or more) and does not limit her time to just 1 or 2 hours – they go beyond that frequently. She also teaches you about funnel basics, why freebies are important in growing your list, and how to create and host 5 figure launches.

    She genuinely cares and sends little emails of support and generally just to remind you that she’s there should you ever need help. And her course (when I bought it at least) was only going for $777 – one of my best investments ever.

Best Online Courses With Certifications To Work From Home

  1. Meta Certified Community Manager

    Price: Free
    Duration: 100 minutes
    Course outline:
    – Define and Establish A Community
    – Develop Community Strategies and Processes
    – Make Strategic Content Decisions For A Community
    – Engage And Moderate A Community
    – Measure And Analyze Community Success

    If you’ve been in Facebook groups, you’ll know that there are moderators and admins. Many businesses are looking to hire people who can not only moderate, but grow their Facebook groups for them, while coming up with good content to keep the group members engaged.

    This course will also teach you why an engaged group is important when it comes to Facebook’s algorithm.

    Having this certification increases your chances of getting hired over other candidates and allows you to get paid a higher rate as well.

  2. Meta Certified Marketing Manager

    Price: Free
    Duration: 3.5 hours
    Course outline:
    – Manage Assets and Permissions in Business Manager
    – Technical Pixel Implementation
    – Optimize and Troubleshoot the Pixel
    – Advanced Matching for Websites
    – Prepare and Setup Catalog for Dynamic Ads
    – Troubleshoot Catalog for Dynamic Ads
    – and more on-demand training

    As with all Facebook courses, you will be required to sit for their online assessment or exam in order to receive your certification. This course is an extension of the initial Facebook ads course, where you learn more about the technical parts of the ads, evaluating, troubleshooting, and advanced matching. This will enable you to stand out among other Facebook ads service providers and manage your clients’ accounts more effectively.

Best Short Courses To Work From Home

  1. Pinteresting Strategies

    Price: $97
    Duration: One week (modules are a combination of text and videos)
    Course outline:
    – How Pinterest Works And Profile Set Up
    – Pinterest and People
    – Pinterest and SEO
    – Pins and Pinning Strategies
    – Analytics and Reporting
    – and lots more

    Pinteresting Strategies is a course designed to help you understand Pinterest. This will be a great course if you want to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (Pinterest VA).
    A virtual assistant can do lots of things, but there are not many who know or understand how the Pinterest algorithm works or how they can get their pins to rank. Many can design a pin, but very few can grow the Pinterest account effectively.

    Carly is an absolute master when it comes to this, and she has a paid Facebook group where she invites guest experts to talk about the ever-evolving algorithm, how to drive traffic to your blogs via Pinterest, and how to get your pins to stand out and rank. She is also very present and answers questions actively in the group.

  2. Clickfunnels School of Design

    Price: $1497
    Duration: 2 weeks or less
    Course outline:
    – Basics of Design Hacking
    – Intricate Design Made Easy
    – Money By The Weekend Challenge
    – Advanced Design
    – Design Hacking Checklist

    This course by Kathryn Jones (also with Clickfunnels) is great if you’ve never designed anything in your life and want to learn everything from scratch and get familiarized with the editor. While the lessons on design are not as comprehensive as Fulltime Funnel Designer (listed above), it is good for anyone who does not want to get overwhelmed easily. A huge plus is also its certification, graduating ceremonies and having you branded as a ‘certified’ Clickfunnels designer. This badge is popular and many business owners recognize it.

    I initially started off with this course, graduated, and went on to elevate my designs with Gusten’s course, which brought them to a whole new level. I can’t tell you which one is better – if I had to go back and choose, I would still do both – because one gives me a certification, and the other makes me a top designer. You only need to check out the sales page between the two to see the huge differences in design.

  3. Ahref’s Certification Course

    Price: Free
    Duration: 74 hours
    Course outline:
    – Exploring Your Ahrefs Account
    – Ahrefs’ Crawler and Index
    – Ahrefs’ SEO Metrics
    – Site Explorer
    – Keywords Explorer
    – Site Audit
    – Rank Tracker
    – Content Explorer
    – Alerts

    This course is a comprehensive walkthrough on how to use Ahrefs, one of the world’s leading tools for SEO.

    To many, the letters SEO look daunting (they stand for Search Engine Optimization) but once broken down, SEO is actually very simple. If you can learn it, you’d be able to sell your skills as a blogger, content marketer, virtual assistant, or freelance writer, helping businesses write blogs that actually rank on Google. This skill will enable you to command very, very high prices for your work – the best way to make this course work for you will be to practice it regularly with your own blog.

    Not sure what a VA is? Check it out on my post here – A list of the Best Work From Home Jobs In 2022.


These are seriously the 11 best (and affordable) courses that you can learn from and acquire a new skill in within as soon as 14 to 30 days. These are clear-cut courses with really good mentors and strong support.

If you’re bent on becoming a successful freelancer and still stand out from the rest – be sure to sign up for one of these and work hard at it!

(This site contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!)

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