Top 50 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas 2022

Top 50 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

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Top 10 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas 2022

Right off the bat: 10 lifestyle blog name ideas 2022 for you to check out – and they’re (on the time of writing) STILL available for purchase!

1) 2 Dogs And A Fish
2) How Sweet I Can’t
3) Mommies Have Fun
4) Sunshine On The Go
5) Travel And Tea
6) Sunkissed Flip Flops
7) The Life Of A Dreamer
8) Footprints In My Heart
9) Looking Back Smiling
10) Heartfelt Wanderings

Blog Name Generator

Here are some great blog name generators that you can utilize to come up with even more names to suit your blog!

Blog Tyrant – Blog Name Generator

Blog Tyrant Blog Name Generator
Blog Tyrant Blog Name Generator

This is a straightforward tool that will instantly populate over 50 available lifestyle blog name ideas you can use! Simply key in the keywords that you want to have in your blog name and voila! You’ll have lots of choices to pick from.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator
Shopify Business Name Generator

Key in the name of your brand in one word – and get lots of ideas in return!

WP Beginner Business Name Generator

WPBeginner Business Name Generator
WPBeginner Business Name Generator

Key in words related to your business and off you go!
This tool is also great because it tells you which domains are still available and which aren’t.

BNG Business Name Generator

BNG Business Name Generator
BNG Business Name Generator

Website Setup Blog Name Generator

WebsiteSetup Editorial Blog Name Generator
WebsiteSetup Editorial Blog Name Generator

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is where the author creates content based on their personal interests and daily activities. Thus, the content is highly dependent on the author’s location and preferences. Lifestyle blogs share tips for travel, hobbies, cooking or camping, with informational and educational content aimed at sharing knowledge and experience.

A personal blog, on the other hand, makes more emotional connection with the readers, is more personalized and shares more background, challenges and journeys of life.

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas For Starting A New Blog

Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  1. Blog Me Daily
  2. 3 Kids And A Pet
  3. Chefventures
  4. Catch Me Writing
  5. Memories In The Sun
  6. Penny For My Words
  7. Cocktails On The Run
  8. So When I Look Back
  9. Chimney Of Hope
  10. The Road Behind My House

Cooking Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  1. Secret Sauce Daily
  2. Blogging With Relish
  3. Tackling The Kitchen
  4. Oven Secrets
  5. Food Diaries
  6. Magic Apron And Me
  7. Happy Fooding
  8. Service With A Sauce
  9. Bake Me Excited
  10. Sauces Of Life

Parenting Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  1. Mommy With A Purpose
  2. Love In A Nutshell
  3. Try Me Boss Babe
  4. Boss Baby And Me
  5. The Art Of Mommying
  6. Planning With A Smile
  7. Life With Kiddos
  8. Coffee And The Kids
  9. The Influencer Mommy
  10. Kristy In Between (replace Kristy with your name)

Travel Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  1. A Piece Of My World
  2. Flowers Waving
  3. Footprints In My Blog
  4. Come Travel With Me
  5. Snippets Of My Travels
  6. Smelling The Roses
  7. Vacation Insights
  8. Backpacking Asian
  9. Wanderlust Dreams
  10. The Authentic Blog

Need more ideas? Check out these lists from One More Cup Of Coffee and NamesFrog!

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Blog


1. Check If The Blog Name Is Available

How do you find out if the blog name you want is available?
Here are some places you can search:
1. Namecheap (my absolute favorite)
2. Go Daddy
3. Domain Name Search
4. WPBeginner

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

Blog names that are easy to remember because they’re catchy and make sense will definitely help your audience find you easily. Unusual names that are harder to make sense of will hurt your traffic and increase your bounce rates, because confused audiences do not stay around to try to understand what you and your blog are offering.

3. Go For Popular Extensions

No, not hair extensions.

Blog extensions are the endings of your URL. Popular extensions include .com, .net, .co and .org.
In fact, .me is gaining popularity nowadays because of it’s quirkiness.

Russell Brunson has a 16 personality test website that’s called (get it? get it?) and my URL that represents my brand Compulsive Mommy is (I know you know)

I wouldn’t go for other long-ish extensions or those you hardly see being used, such as .art, .name, and so on.

4. Include Phrases That Relate To What You Do

If you’re about traveling, words like bon voyage, sun-kissed, wanderings, will give your readers an idea of what the blog is about.
If you’re writing about parenting, use phrases like momlife, 2 girls and a pet, bonding, will show your readers that you’re all about family life and kids.

Popular lifestyle words include:
Imagination, authentic, magical, local living, dreams, inspiration, bliss, thriving, the parenting path, health is wellth (misspelled on purpose) and many more. For a full list of words you can use, you can head on over to Passion Paper and get more ideas.

5. Don’t Limit Your Keywords

If you’re into everything cycling, for example, don’t just name your blog “The Bicycle Story”, because it sounds as if you’re all about bicycles. If you’re going to be writing about helmets, accessories, places to ride, then a blog that is called “The Cycling Baron” will show your audience that you are able to talk about everything and anything that relates to cycling.

6. Keep It Simple

Use words that are easy to remember and spell, yet catchy enough to make an impression. Avoid long, hard-to-spell words that require your readers to make an effort at trying to spell them out when typing your URL.

Final Thoughts

Your readers are here for answers, not ramblings or fond memories (though you can inject them midway or somewhere in your post). However, it is crucial to remember that your blog needs to answer their questions (and why they clicked on your page in the first page – it’s usually to get a question answered, and not to read your life stories for fun).

They may want to find out the latest cafe to eat at, or a place that serves the best egg mayo sandwiches. They want to know the environment and your feedback on the food and the service.
They may want to know why their kids are refusing to eat or behaving in a certain manner. This is why blogs are so important – they answer questions.

Having a great lifestyle blog name is good, but having your readers remember your blog for all the right reasons will make them remember your blog name, and that is ultimately what you want.

If you’re starting a blog and want to learn your way around it, try this free course by Carly Campbell here. If you’re looking at other ways to earn money while working from home, check out this comprehensive list I put together right here!

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