Best Website Copywriters

Best Website copywriters

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Looking to hire a copywriter for your website? If you need a writer for your blog posts, sales page or landing page that:

  • knows SEO and gets your site seen on search engines 
  • writes well and reflects your brand voice (important for business owners)
  • Creates copy that talks to your potential clients and target audience
  • Knows the best practices for capturing attention on social media posts and on a landing page with the right words and visual hierarchy…

Look no further. 

This post will go through:

  •  some of the best website copywriters – both agencies and freelancers that you can choose from to write your copy for you in 2022. 
  • We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of hiring either the agency or the freelancer in terms of pricing, social proof, and writing samples.
  • What each agency and freelancer offer so you know which one suits your marketing needs.

First Off, What Are Copywriting Services?

Copywriting services are where an agency or a freelance writer helps you to create copy or do content marketing for your site that allows you to increase conversions and generate more leads and sales.

Typically this is a list of what a good copywriter will do:

  • Keyword research 
  • Check out your competition
  • Read about your company’s case studies
  • Aim to have your site be seen on search engines, ie do SEO copywriting.

A copywriter can write:

Best Website Copywriters (Agencies)

1. Content Refined

Content Refined is an agency that offers a solution to your content creation pains. They deliver quality content that focuses on your particular niche. Their aim is to get you ranking on page 1 of search engines, hence driving more organic traffic to your site and giving you more leads and sales.

best website copywriters (agency) - Content Refined

Source: Content Refined

This agency prides itself on being able to help you to develop your web presence and become highly visible on Google. They have a team of native English writers, editors that make sure your articles are error free and of high quality, and even offers publishing services that help you to post your articles on the backend with all the necessary images and SEO techniques.

Content Refined's services

Content Refined’s Services

They offer monthly packages, bulk packages, keyword research, and content upgrade and optimization.

Content Refined's packages

Content Refined Packages

Writing packages range from $329 per month (4 posts of 1000 words each) to $12,000 a month ( includes 12 posts of 1000 words each per month for a year).

2. Textbroker

Textbroker boasts over 80,000 clients worldwide. They offer custom-written content for all niches including product descriptions, advertising material, and blog posts. They are well-versed in niches such as cryptocurrency, travel, health, and more. 

On top of that, Textbroker also offers translation services – where your article is professionally translated into the language you prefer. With such all-encompassing services, Textbroker is definitely one of the best website copywriters out there.

Textbroker home page

Textbroker services

Finding it hard to outsource different articles to different people and pay each person separately? Fret not. Textbroker handles all your billings for you and ensures your articles are published timely on your own platforms.

Textbroker services

Textbroker services

You can get an estimate of how much you’ll need to pay for your articles based on the steps below. If you go for high-quality work, you’ll be charged more, and vice versa.

Here are the steps you can go through to get a quote:

Textbroker calculator for a quote

Steps to get a quote on Textbroker

Alternatively, you can also create an account for free as a client and get your articles written for you. You will have to key in your requirements such as your title, style of writing, word count, and keywords you prefer to be used.

This is a great way for potential customers (such as yourself) to know how much you’ll need to pay for an article.

3. Copify UK (My personal favorite)

Copify UK and US offer a range of writing services and have their own team of skilled copywriters.

Pricing and packages are not listed, but rather you are required to get in touch with them via their contact form. However, a quick Google search shows from SMB Guide shows that they charge £50 onwards for a 1000-word article.

Copify services - best website copywriters

Copify’s Home Page

My thoughts:

Copify has none of the super-affordable rates that you find on other agencies’ websites. This actually works in their favor, because the first thing I think when you charge only $80 for a 2000-word article is that you’re probably putting the writers under your through a content mill, paying them perhaps only $0.02 a word.

The fact that Copify does not advertise its pricing but rather requires you to write in shows that it wants to be able to charge fairly based on how customized your article or blog post will be and therefore be able to pay its team members accordingly.

These are the vibes I’m getting from Copify, and they’re good ones. So far Copify is proving to be the best website for copywriting and content creation services I’ve seen. 

Writers go through a heck of a lot doing research and putting out great quality work. They’re not going to do half as well when they paid the bare minimum.

4. Rightly Written (My second favorite)

Rightly Written is another online content creation agency that helps businesses to do effective copywriting. 

It offers web copywriting for different industries and reasonably-priced packages.

Pricing starts at $45 for a 500 word article (without add-ons and written by a premium writer). An expert writer for the same 500 word article will cost you $80. If you want more than 500 words to be written, there is an option to customize your package based on the number of words you prefer.

Rightly Written copywriting agency

Rightly Written packages

A quick input of 2500 words into their calculator (which is the standard number of words I have in my own blog posts) written by an expert will cost you $400. Site visitors can also browse their other packages of 500-word articles or get in touch to determine the type of copywriting jobs they need to be done.

Again, I applaud this pricing system, because it shows that they value their writers and pay them fairly for their work.

Rightly written has a turnaround time of 5 days. You do have the option to pay extra for the ‘express’ add-on which gives you a turnaround time of 3 days, and the ‘urgent’ add-on which gives you a 48-hour turnaround time.

5. Marketsmiths

Marketsmiths offers to write content of all types. They give you the right copywriter for your request from blog posts to highly focused content on your own site.

Marketsmiths copywriting services

Marketsmiths’ clients

Based on their social proof, it seems to me as if Marketsmiths specializes in technical writing most of the time – such as writing for a medical patient information leaflet, an instruction manual for your company’s products and technical jargon. It looks like a place where technical writers will definitely apply to work at.

These are just my thoughts.

There are no pricing packages available, but rather potential clients are requested to reach out via a form and key in their requests for a professional copywriter or give more information about the copywriting project they have in mind.

My pick?

It’ll be Copify UK or Copify US due to its:

  • Quick turnaround time of 48-72 hours
  • No lowball rates, a sign that its paying its writers a decent pay
  • A great example of how great content is valued and one of the best places for a freelance copywriter to work at.

Best Website Copywriters (Freelance) – Inspiring Examples

Freelance copywriters are amazing copywriters.

It’s true.

It’s precisely because they’re freelancers that they are able to go above and beyond in delivering the best article or write high-quality content for you, and will work with you until you get the output that you want.

In contrast, agencies usually offer limited revisions and because the writers they employ are probably servicing many other clients as well, attention is divided and the response rate will not be the greatest. They may be able to give you an article within 48 hours, but it will not necessarily be an article of the best quality.

Truly, you get what you pay for.

There is a reason why freelancers are more expensive in some ways. It’s because they have the time to allocate a full week to you, do all necessary research, and come up with an article or a blog post that knocks you off your feet.

Freelance copywriters make an effort to:

  • Understand your company’s brand and values
  • Link internally to your other blog posts
  • Create customized images or graphics to fit the post they’re writing for you
  • Promote your app or digital marketing services where necessary
  • Ensure the on-page SEO practices are being met in the best way
  • Act as content strategists and behave as if they’re part of your team, even when they’re not – this has to be the best part
  • Put in the hard work for you

Let’s check out some of the best copywriter websites now!

1. Compulsive Mommy

It’ll be strange if I didn’t offer my services as a freelance writer, so here I am! I’ve written for many 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. My landing page conversions due to copywriting and designing (yes, I design their sites, as well as copy, write for them) have always been above 50%.

Being both a designer AND a writer, I’m what you call not only a copywriter but a UX writer as well – a writer that creates copy that flows with the design.

Compulsive Mommy freelance writing - best website copywriters

Compulsive Mommy’s home page

You’ll be able to check out my blogs and writing samples on my writer website as well!

The best copywriter websites will always have the writer’s contact information, great images, strong social proof and lots of writing samples and blog posts. Click here if you want to know what makes a great landing page!

2. Elna Cain

You honestly can’t go anywhere without seeing this girl – she’s everywhere!

She’s very popular in the freelance writing space and does a great job with SEO. A successful copywriter who is in high demand, Elna also has courses that teach freelance writers how to land their first writing gig.

Elna Cain freelance writing services

Source: Elna Cain

You can see some social proof on her page as well, which goes a long way in establishing trust and authority when it comes to potential clients. 

For freelance writers, our websites are also our portfolio websites, hence it is extremely important that it captures attention and shows the right person that they’re in the right place at the right time.

You don’t necessarily need a fancy website – though you can if you want to and have a graphic designer whip up a gorgeous service page for you. The best sites are those that are clean-cut, clear with what they can do, and offer great copywriting services.

The following examples will show you how these freelance writers use their skills on their landing pages to hook would-be customers into hiring them.

3. Grace Ventura Writes

This is another copywriter I found in my Google travels that has a nice landing page, a clear call to action button and prices her services openly.

Grace Ventura copywriting specialist

Source: Grace Ventura

The text below is a copywriting example – ‘When someone in your city turns to Google for that service you provide, be there’. This is her saying that she can get you and your business seen on search results!

Source: Grace Ventura

If you’re looking to have your first website or a new website built for you, she offers this service as well. She goes on to tell you about her past projects, shows you testimonials, has a blog where you can check out her writing style, and shares with you the process of how she gets her work done for a client.

Having someone build your website is a great way to figure things out yourself using website builders. We’re in a hurry to get our services and branding out there, and the last thing we want is to have to learn how to use another platform. Amiright or amiright?

4. Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray cracks me up. The first time I landed on her page, I was captivated by her copy. It’s funny and it makes you want to work with her.

Sometimes I do think a great sense of humor will help one go a long way in one’s copywriting career.

Laura focuses on email marketing. Let’s take a look at her great copy:

Laura Belgray email marketing services

Source: Laura Belgray

Her page has a 70s vibe and her discreet little pop-up at the bottom right is an excellent example of a great opt-in form. 

From a copywriter’s point of view, her copy is awesome. From a designer’s point of view, however, the page gets a tad busy. 

My eyes were on the headline, but then quickly distracted by the little pop-up at the bottom, and then went back up to her little banner at the top that says ‘What’s hot? Click here and find out!’

There were too many things requiring my attention, and I never got to the second section of the page, which I should have, in a matter of seconds. If I were a prospective client, I’d love her copy because it’s so funny, and she has strong recommendations from Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo. However, because there is no one consistent call to action to work with her, from a designer’s point of view a prospect may drop out and go on to another freelance writer (especially if I were checking out several of them and have multiple tabs open on my window).

5. Kylie De Boer

Kylie has a great page, with the proper flow that a designer likes. 

She starts off with introducing herself, keeping it short, and then going straight into the types of copywriting services she offers.

Kylie de Boer freelance copywriter

Source: Kylie De Boer

She lists out her best website copywriting services clearly and follows that with some articles or past work.

Finally, she ends it with testimonials. A good, clean flow. 

Those with great, engaging copy on their landing pages are naturally perceived to be better copywriters, and with good reason.

To Summarize

We’ve just gone through the top 5 best website copywriters that are agencies that do content creation, and another 5 best website copywriters that are freelancers offering their copywriting services.

While these were listed in no particular order, when it comes to agencies, Copify has my vote.

No, none of the links above are affiliate links. These were written as honest opinions after scouring the Internet for feedback and reviews.

As business owners, when you look to hire either an agency or a freelance copywriter to create your content for you, there are several things you’ll need to do:

  1. You’ll need to have a ready website (preferred) that already has your brand colors, style, and some copy on it. This way, the agency or the freelancer has an idea of what they’re working with and what your company is all about.
  2. Know your target audience and communicate that to the copywriter, so they can craft copy for the correct group of people and attract potential clients better.
  3. Have a clear goal in mind when it comes to what you want your website to do – is it to collect email addresses and leads to grow your list?
    – Is it to promote an app or a free trial?
    – Is it to grow your blog with search engine optimization strategies so you rank on search engines?

– is it to sell a product?

The clearer your goal, the better it is for the copywriters to know what they need to do for you.

  1. Don’t buy services in bulk. Check out their portfolio and past work and determine if their style suits your brand. Or, pay for just 1 post and go from there. This way you’ll know if you want to continue their services or have them tweak their style a little and then purchase their services in bulk.
  2. If you have certain keywords you prefer researched and used, by all means, please hand those over to the copywriters.

Agencies Or Freelancers?

Go for the one that you like. You can test out both and see how you like working with them and how well they represent your brand values in their writing.

Most digital marketing agencies have set aside budgets for content creation and SEO writing. Some may have a team of writers but want to level up their posts a notch. Some may be just starting out but are ready to pay for high-quality content that’ll get them seen on Google.

Most of these services include helping you post the article on your website, but I would personally recommend going through these articles first, editing them where necessary, and ensuring that all internal links, alt text for images, and captions are where they should be. Sponsored links and affiliate links should be made nofollow. 

Good copywriters will know all these regardless of who you hire.

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