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Hi! My name is Kristy, and I was a pharmacist for many, many years before I decided to work from home and become a full-fledged funnel designer. I went and got myself certified, went through numerous challenges to land clients, and eventually began making consistent $5k months (and more).

I teach you how to, as well.

Here are two free guides to get you started:

  • If you’re a complete newbie and want to try out freelancing, here’s a guide on the different types of jobs you can do remotely as a freelancer as well as the top 10 sites you can get hired on even without much experience.

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  • If you’re ALREADY freelancing but are struggling to get clients, this little handbook that catapulted me to $4-5k months in the beginning will help you get more eyeballs and interest in the service you’re offering.

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  • If you want to ramp up your social media presence (be it on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook), here are 450 plug and play Canva templates you can use that will save you time and effort – imagine your social media posts all ready for the next 450 days! To top it off, I’ve recently added 30 new Pinterest templates – just because Pinterest is booming!
    I also have a mini-course inside that’ll walk you through using Canva so you become a Canva pro in no time!

    Get Canva Creations ($27)
  • If you’re thinking I’m soooo ready to try freelancing right now, get my Design Analyze Me course, that will have you designing on Clickfunnels within 14 days. (I started learning how to design on Clickfunnels and landed my first paying client at $500 within the first 40 days). I teach you how to inside the course as well.

    This little course has also found its way into press releases such as Marketwatch, Digital Journal, and Apple News.
    I am always updating this course so in future when the price goes up, you’ll be able to access all updates at no extra charge.

    Get Design Analyze Me ($97)
  • In October 2021, I hosted and launched a summit called “Moms Leaving The 9-5 Summit”, where I interviewed 19 amazing women who started working from home because they lost their jobs, suffered postpartum anxiety, had a baby, and lots more, and became so successful they are now household names and make 6-7 figures yearly. Tune in to learn what jobs they did, the challenges they faced, how they landed clients and changed their mindsets as well as grab all the free guides and mini courses they have to offer!

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