Hi! My name is Kristy, and I teach you how to make a full-time income from home as a funnel designer and builder. I make a minimum of $5k USD monthly just doing designing and funnel building, and I did it within 60 days of starting out. I also blog about all things freelancing that’ll help you get some ideas on how to start becoming a freelancer – whether it’s being a social media manager, virtual assistant, proofreader, and so on. I talk about free and paid online tools, courses you can take, working from home with kids, and much more!

Here are two free guides to get you started:

  • If you’re a complete newbie and want to try out freelancing, here’s a guide on the different types of jobs you can do remotely as a freelancer as well as the top 10 sites you can get hired on even without much experience.

    Get Freelancing Guide (Free Guide)
  • If you’re ALREADY freelancing but are struggling to get clients, this little handbook that catapulted me to $4-5k months in the beginning will help you get more eyeballs and interest in the service you’re offering.

    Get Hashtag Secrets (Free Guide)

“Kristy is a lifesaver, over-delivering with a complex, high converting funnel in just 9 days. She is extremely professional, detail-oriented and a great coach, teaching me a myriad of steps in the process. I highly recommend Kristy to any entrepreneur wanting a professional, robust and successful funnel ‘done for them’ and anyone wanting to learn funnel hacking or design.”

Gina Couper
Loffty – Measurably Uplifting Mental Health and Wellbeing, New Zealand