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Hi! My name is Kristy. I build 7 figure funnels, write highly targeted copy and create SEO focused blog posts. 

I’ve been featured in:

They Say Funnel Building Is A Saturated Space...But I've

🚀 Learnt funnel building in 30 days

💰Made $6k in the next 30 days, and

💕Continued making between $10k to $16k monthly, with lots of retainers.

They Say Freelance Writing Is Hard To Do
...But I've

🚀 Learnt blogging and SEO in 90 days

📝Got accepted to publish regularly on Bootcamp, a publication with over half a million followers, 

🧨Rocked it with high-quality guest posts for small businesses and digital marketers, and

🧨Have articles ranking on page 1 of Google in a matter of 2-3 months.

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🧨This article ranked #2 in 3 months, and eventually climbed to the top after an update in 2023.

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Guest posting for Cooler Insights, Singapore
Guest posting for Cooler Insights, Singapore

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Hi, I'm Kristy


Pharmacist. Writer. Funnel Builder.

Hi, I'm Kristy

👩‍💻What I do

I build amazing funnels for you that convert. My clients? Marvin Mitchell, Storm Leroy, Ash Cash, ZenBasil, David and Katie Marie Hughes, to name a few. I do their copywriting for them as well. Need help with content creation? I write SEO focused articles and blog posts that’ll get your business ranking on Google!

🙆‍♀️Who I help

Digital marketing companies and entrepreneurs looking to make money with a fully done for you funnel build or carefully thought out articles that get you seen on search engines. 

💡 What I believe

I believe freelancers are the future of digital marketing. I am all about supporting, motivating and showing them the way. 

A Done For You Funnel Or A Highly SEO Focused Article? 📈

1️⃣ Highly Optimized Funnel Build To Grow Your List And Sell Your Product

2️⃣ Copywriting that gets my clients a minimum of 50% funnel conversions

3️⃣ SEO targeted articles and blog posts that are optimized with RankIQ

4️⃣ Funnel audits to ensure your site converting optimally

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