5 Quick Ways To Look Good On Camera

And take gorgeous selfies, even if you’re an introvert.

Who’s been through this before? Snap, delete, snap delete?

Photo taking can be so frustrating sometimes when we think we’ve posed and smiled the best we can, yet we come out looking like rubbish (by our own standards, at least).

Even worse, if taken unawares, we become awkward. We don’t know what the heck to do with our hands. We don’t know whether to smile and if we do, whether we should be showing our teeth or not. How should we stand? Pose? Behave?

There are two good news for you.

One, you’re not alone. No one was born camera ready. Even the most polished models take years to perfect their pose and smile.

Two, here are 5 quick ways you can immediately make your next camera shot count and insta-worthy.

#1: Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth

Girl smiling at the camera happily
Girl smiling at the camera

Slightly touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth when you’re smiling immediately tilts your head higher and gives you a more confident look.

It also makes your neck look longer because the act of moving your tongue upwards lengthens your neck muscles and enhances the angle of your chin, making your face look slimmer.

You may need to practice it a few rounds in front of your mirror, but personally, it makes my put-on smile look way more genuine and camera-ready.

#2: All about the lighting

Whole family look good for the camera
Family smiling at the camera

We’re not talking expensive studio equipment or ring lights and all that jazz. The correct lighting means getting into a space where you allow natural light to enhance your features. How?

Natural light can mean standing facing the window and allowing the light to brighten up your face. Models typically choose the ‘golden hour’ which is during sunrise or sunset to take amazing shots.

If you out on the street, find a shaded area with enough natural light to take pictures. This is because we want to avoid direct light from above our heads. Similarly, avoid lights from underneath our faces as well, such as candlelight.

You can read more about lighting from Wistia here.

#3: The eyebrow maneuver

Look good on camera naturally
Lady smiling at the camera

One trick that is widely used during photo taking is to raise your eyebrows slightly. It produces a natural facelifting effect and makes you look less tired.

Stand in front of the mirror and practice letting your face muscles rest completely, and then raise your eyebrows slightly. You’ll notice how your eyes light up immediately and how your face looks less drawn and fatigued. This works great when you’re really feeling tired.

This maneuver can easily be confused with widening your eyes. Remember it’s the eyebrows you want to raise, not opening your eyes wide and risk looking like a person caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

#4: What to do with your body

Lean back to look good on camera
Girl leaning against the side of a bridge

Whether you’re sitting down or standing up, try tightening your core during a photo-taking session. This straightens your posture and avoids a hunched pose so many of us naturally assume when we’re in our relaxed state.

If you’re standing and don’t know what to do with your hands, you can either try playing with your hair, touching your face, or putting them in your pockets.

Slanting your body slightly to one side gives the effect of elongation, naturally producing a nicer-looking effect. You can put one hand on your waist, slant your body to one side (refer to image above) and tilt your neck as well to look more natural.

#5: Use a prop

Tilt head to look good on camera
Head tilting to show angles and look good on camera

A prop helps you to come up with more poses that naturally make you feel more comfortable. You can grab a bag, a book, or a bottle in your hand or over your shoulder to take away the awkwardness.

You can lean against a wall or a car. Such poses elongate your body and also increase your own confidence level. You can also be sitting on a step while leaning against the balustrades or the wall and put your hands behind you, effectively showing off the outline of your jaw and cheekbones.

Other popular props include sunglasses, toys, hats, and umbrellas. If you’re out among nature, leaves, twigs, and flowers are great elements to add to your photos.


There you go! 5 instant fixes to taking great photos. All they require is a bit of practice in front of the mirror, and you’re good to go! You’ll be producing lots of insta-worthy moments and you’ll only get better with time!

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