Below is a list of courses that I took when I first started blogging.

I’m a visual type of person, so I usually go for visual courses and not PDF or mini-courses sent via email.

Some of these contain affiliate links and some don’t. These are courses that I really, really felt helped me a lot when it came to starting a WordPress site from scratch and managing traffic.

  • The Free Wordpress Course by iMark Interactive is one of the best free blogging courses out there. It showed me step by step how to get the hang of Wordpress when I was ready to pull every strand of my hair out. It is completely free and comes with a strong Facebook group support – filled with other amazing bloggers who are ready to share all their knowledge. Mark is also a whiz when it comes to page speed – so you ensure your readers get the best experience from your website!

    This course is great for complete Wordpress rookies who want to start their own blog. He walks you through the best plugins, hostings and site names.
  • Stupid Simple SEO is a course by Mike Pearson, one of the real SEO gurus out there. I love the way he repeats and reiterates how we do things in the course so we completely understand what it is we have to do to get more traffic, get our keywords and sites to rank, get the best backlinks and how to pitch ourselves to the media.

    Let’s face it – we all want to make money off blogging and have our content rank on Google. Mike teaches us how, in the clearest and simplest terms possible.

    I recommend this course if you are able to put in at least an hour or two daily to work on it and are really determined to make this work, because it will. It’s crazy value for money because of all the information he’s sharing. If you’re still on the fence, you can always check out his free masterclass – and decide after that if it’s for you.
  • One of the nicest bloggers I’d ever had the opportunity to know and learn from is Carly Campbell. I took up her course on Pinterest and generated up to 10,000 impressions in less than 2 months with a brand new account.

    I stopped after that because I was just too overwhelmed with work but I know for a fact that her course actually works. She has a great Facebook group too.

    Carly generates over 10 million in impressions monthly on Pinterest, but she teaches us the more important thing – how to get people to click on your links and actually land on your website. The more traffic you get, the better your chances of monetizing your blog in the future. Check out her Pinterest course here!
  • I have an amazing email list I’m always growing, and I nurture my email listies with Kate Doster’s amazing, amazing templates, guides and her super comprehensive copywriting course. It covers everything from growing your list to re-nurturing a fully abandoned list you have not written to in ages to how you can promote a product to your list without being salesy or coming off as desperate.

    In short, she has templates and video guides of every imaginable scenario – an angry subscriber, a less than interested subscriber, a subscriber who’s forgotten you and everything else in between.

    Check out her goodies here:

    A free masterclass to Love Your List

    Two years’ worth of email ideas (if you’re not ready for a full fledged course)
    Love Your List full course (if you know this is exactly what you need)
    The Email Marketing Fairy (a mini course so you know how amazing she and her templates are)

I started blogging in July 2021 and have made great progress even though I post sporadically – and it has been really satisfying to see how far I’ve come. I’ve managed to grow my email list by 3-4 names daily. If I can do it, so can you.